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    This section is written for local councils. End users of the app should visit the MyLocalGov website.

    Receiving reports from MyLocalGov users

    The basic functionality of the MyLocalGov app is provided free of charge for councils in the UK. This includes a reporting feature, where users can send reports to the council.

    The free version of the service sends reports to a nominated email address for the council. For better handling of reports from users, or if no email address is available to receive reports, our Reporting Integration service can provide seamless interoperability with an existing CRM system. Read more

    Reporting Integration

    The free reporting feature of MyLocalGov simply sends an email to a nominated address. This can be expanded to push reports directly into an existing Customer Relationship Management system.

    A council’s in-house development team can make simple changes to allow the CRM to ‘listen’ for new reports created by users of the app. Alternatively, we can offer development services to support a number of CRM systems - both off the shelf and bespoke.

    When Reporting Integration is completed and a new report is submitted, it’s sent directly to your CRM for processing by the relevant team. Additionally, because the CRM can return an identifier for the message to the MyLocalGov API, and optionally provide the ability to query the status of a report, users can track the progress of the report straight from the app.

    If you'd like to find out more about reporting features or integration options, please contact us.

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