• Information for Local Authorities - Integration

    This section is written for local councils. End users of the app should visit the MyLocalGov website.

    These additional features are available for an annual fee with a transparent, fixed pricing model. MyLocalGov can provide a feature-rich and invaluable experience for both councils and end-users that offers real value.

    Ad Removal

    The standard features of MyLocalGov are provided free of charge to councils across the UK. The app displays ads to fund the ongoing development and hosting costs.

    To find out more about removing ads for your users, contact us.

    Reporting Integration

    The free reporting feature of MyLocalGov simply sends an email to a nominated address. The reporting feature can be extended to push reports directly into a Council's CRM. Read more about reporting and integration options

    Content Integration

    When a council is initially set up on MyLocalGov, content is taken from the council’s website on a regular basis. New content is added to the app from the website, but it could take a few days before it’s available for users to view.

    Councils can integrate their existing Content Management System directly with MyLocalGov, so that content is available in the app as soon as it’s created, and at the same time as it’s published on the council’s own website. Additionally, users can receive push notifications to tell them about the new content - so they won’t miss the latest news, upcoming events or anything else important.

    A council’s in-house development team can use the MyLocalGov RESTful API to push content directly into the app at the same time it’s published to the council’s own website. Alternatively, we can advise on the best way to implement content integration and provide bespoke development services to help councils and their communities get the most out of the app.

    When crawling a council’s website, MyLocalGov can find news, events and councillors. Using the API, additional content, such as school holiday times or information about planned roadworks, can be added the app.

    To find out more about the content integration options, get in touch with us.

    Custom Push Notifications

    Push notifications are useful to alert users of school closures, closed roads, snow and ice gritting activities, or any other immediate news that needs communicating effectively to members of the community.

    MyLocalGov can deliver notifications to all users inside a council’s boundary, and these notifications can link to any URL, or existing content inside the app.

    Councils have full control of the content and times that push notifications are sent, for maximum flexibility.

    To find out more about push notification options, contact us.

    Central Bin Collection Schedules

    Users of MyLocalGov can create schedules for their bin collections, and receive reminders the evening before to ensure they don’t forget to put bins out ready for collection.

    This functionality allows them to repeat bin collections on a regular basis, but doesn’t take into account bank holidays, or seasonal changes in the bin collection schedule. These modifications must be made manually by the user every time the schedule changes.

    The Central Bin Collection Schedule service allows councils to create a collection schedule that users of the app can subscribe to. They’ll receive reminders as per usual, but the council can control when bin collections happen, so if the schedule changes over Christmas or Easter, users of the app don’t need to make changes themselves.

    The council can create more than one schedule. For example, if several areas have different bin collection days. Councils can also modify the reminder text, so that one-off changes to the type of bins that need to be put out for collection can be effectively communicated.

    Councils can create schedules using the MyLocalGov RESTful API or the MyLocalGov secure admin portal.

    To find out more about the bin collection features, contact us.