• Information for Local Authorities

    This section is written for local councils. End users of the app should visit the MyLocalGov website.

    MyLocalGov is as a free mobile app that helps local authorities in the UK to improve their community engagement and information sharing. Councils can use the app with no ongoing cost.

    Cost effective

    Huge savings can be made by local councils in the UK by using MyLocalGov. Everyone can benefit from the continued development, testing and refinement of new and existing features instead of paying for a single app with continued maintenance, hosting and other infrastructure costs. Mobile apps can cost a lot of money to create, update and maintain - especially when they're available for more than one type of device or platform. MyLocalGov is a single app that can be used by all the local authorities in the UK.

    Key features

    • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.
    • Users only have to download a single app for access to several councils.
    • Automatic detection of local council based on a user's location.
    • Prompt to switch local authority when moving from one council area to another.
    • Access the latest news and information from a local authority.
    • Find out what events are happening in the local area.
    • Quickly and easily report issues such as fly tipping, abandoned vehicles, litter, missed bins and more. Include images in the reports from the device.
    • Find out information about local councillors and how to contact them.
    • Create a bin collection schedule and get reminder notifications.


    MyLocalGov can read information such as news, events and Councillor details directly from a council's website, which means that very little effort is required in order to offer content and services through the app. You don't need to provide any additional resources to publish content in the app.

    Reports from users can be sent via email along with any location details or images if a user includes them.

    Councils are added to MyLocalGov when a large enough number of people in the area have expressed an interest in the app. If you'd like to start using MyLocalGov straight away, you can pay a small fee expedite the setup process.

    There are no ongoing costs for councils to take advantage of the basic functionality of the app, but you may be interested in a selection of optional add-on services that are available for an additional cost (see below).

    Optional extra services

    The core MyLocalGov app has no ongoing cost associated with it. There are several optional add-on services available to enhance the experience for both councils and end-users. Read more

    Need more information?

    Contact us for more information or if you'd like your council to be added to the MyLocalGov app.